Travel Advice- 5 Cents

Like Lucy in the Snoopy comics, I am always ready to dispense travel advice.  I am frequently approached by friends to share what I have learned through my travel obsession.  I thrive on exploring anywhere, and I love to share what I have learned along the way.  Aside from the actual traveling, I am constantly scouring whatever information I can gather regarding the next place to go.  In fact, I am often  planning two trips down the road, while on an adventure.

I would love to share my opinions with you (and you may find I have some pretty strong ones).  I would also love to hear what you have to say,  incorporating your suggestions into my  planning.

My family and I tend to travel primarily for food.  Sightseeing is important as well, but we absorb so much of the culture and locale we are in using food as the focus.  I am a very demanding and discerning traveler as far as transportation and accommodations, but when it comes to food we are thrilled to eat from street vendors, frequent green markets, explore supermarkets, stop at hole in the wall spots, family owned establishments and eat in Michelin starred restaurants.

We have been fortunate to travel the world as a family, and we anticipate the traveling to increase now that our three sons are out of the nest.

My husband and I are heading to Buenos Aries in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned! And if you have any suggestions, send them my way!

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