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Last weekend twenty four of us ventured to Williamsburg in order to visit one of my all time favorite restaurants, Peter Luger.  Peter Luger was the site of many of my celebrations growing up, and I expect it will still be around, and hopefully unchanged, in order for my children’s children to one day celebrate there as well.

Since we had people joining us from all over, Williamsburg seemed as good a location as any.  It also gave those who wanted to,  time to explore the incredibly thriving neighborhood.  It was a gorgeous day, and the streets and stores were teeming with people.  It is a whole different world than when I grew up!


Amazingly, Lugers remains in the center of the action.  I made the reservation several months prior because we were such a large party.  We dealt with Maria (718-387-0500 ) in the Private Function/Banquet department, and she was very helpful.  Logistically, we had no option but to sit up upstairs- which turned out to be ideal. We booked the reservation on a Sunday afternoon, allowing us lots of time to linger.

When you book a large group, you are given the options of several set menus to choose from.  We choose the one that included just about everything!

We arrived a tiny bit early, in time to watch them readying the table.


Once we all arrived, we were brought multiple bread baskets, one for every 4 people or so.  There were huge knobs of sweet butter to go alongside.  The bread disappeared very quickly.


Our head waiter was Costa, who was exceedingly accommodating, professional and patient!  Quickly gravy boats of Peter Luger steak sauce were placed every few feet down the center of the  table.  It tasted good on just about everything.


The tomatoes gave an illusion of healthfulness to the meal.


Up next, Caesar salad, Shrimp Cocktail (bring on more of that Luger sauce!) and huge slabs of bacon.


If we needed them too, they would have replenished the dishes, but people were responsibly pacing themselves.


The salty bacon was a perfect match for the special Luger Lager made by Brooklyn Brewery.

Besides steak we had the option to choose Salmon, Sole, Lamb Chops or Rib Eye.  There were a few fish orders (myself included) but just about everyone ordered the classic Porterhouse.  The salmon was actually delicious (and huge).


The sole received good reviews as well.


Moooooo.  The steak comes out piping hot and bathed in butter.  What could be bad?


Expertly served by the highly professional wait-staff.


With steak comes the battle for sides.  The fries are sublime.  Perfectly crispy and golden on the outside,  fluffy on the inside.


Another view to appreciate their glory.


The German potatoes are also a classic.  Not to be missed.  Like the best hash browns you will ever have.


Onion rings were delicate and crispy.  There was also plenty of the incredible creamed spinach, and a couple of baked potatoes for those who just couldn’t get enough tubers!


Believe it or not, almost all the steak was gone! Some of the group were even happily gnawing on the bones.  Sadly, none left over for our dog.  Lest anyone fear they were done with the meal, the waiters were readying the dessert platters.  Nice and light,  these desserts were accompanied by giant bowls of Schlag- heavy duty whipped cream.




The Holy Cow Sundaes were not on out pre-set menu, but we had to add in 6 to be shared. These proved to be the ultimate favorite.  Whats better than in ice cream sundae?


Towards the end we had Costa get up and get a photo of our happy and satiated group.


In short, it is absolutely worth making the trip from just about anywhere in order to experience Peter Luger.  The restaurant was filled with locals and tourists alike, some actually filming their entire meal!  I can’t imagine making a habit of it, but once in a while is a justifiable treat, and a perfect place for a celebration.

Keep in mind, they only take cash or checks- so go prepared.


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