Mozzarella Nirvana at Tenuta Vanullo

If you happen to be a cheese aficionado, and are planning on spending time along the Amalfi Coast, you must plan a visit to Tenuta Vannulo  , unequivocally  the producer of the world’s finest Mozzarella di Bufala.  This farm is truly unique.  They do not export their products, or sell them in any establishments besides their own property.  If you want to enjoy them, you must come to their small retail shop, or dine in their restaurant.

The owners are obsessed with the happiness of their animals in order to ensure the most delectable and sweet milk.  The Bufala are each assigned to their own soft and hay filled berth to sleep in.



There in classical music piped into the barn.  There is access to a shower for when they are warm, and there is also access to a massage machine to keep them completely relaxed!! These are very lucky buffalo!!



This obsessiveness and care pays off.  The cheese (and other dairy products including ice cream, pudding and more) in beyond description.  It is just perfection.  The texture, slight saltiness, creaminess- all just amazing.

We arranged for a private tour of the facility, and learned all about the owners commitment to creating the best Mozzarella di Bufala in the world.  They have definitely succeeded.  We spent time with the animals themselves- they are gentle and content.  We tasted Mozzarella that had literally been created from milk produced with in the hour.  It was really worth the trip!

Aside from the tour, we decided that we had to dine there as well.  The restaurant is small, and features all forms of dairy produced on the farm  the portions were very generous, and it was delicious.










One more advantage to visiting Tenuta Vanullo is that it is literally a five minute drive from the architectural ruins of Paestum.  This is a historical sight not to be missed.  You are able to walk in and out of the remaining temples, as well as remnants of the surrounding town.




We lucked out and had a spectacular day.  All in all, this was one of the best days we had while visiting the Amalfi Coast!  The Monastero Santa Rosa was very helpful in arranging a driver to take us here and back for the memorable excursion.  It is not more than 90 minutes distance from Amalfi.

We couldn’t resist purchasing some dark chocolate Budino to bring home to the hotel for later.  It was divine.




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