The Monastero Santa Rosa ******

We would rate the Monastero Santa Rosa   in Amalfi 6 stars.  Truly, it was extraordinary.  We arrived in Naples in the late afternoon, and were driven straight to the hotel.  Mileage wise the distance from Naples isn’t too far, but the windy roads (truly terrifying to drive the Amalfi Coast) make it so the trip is about an hour plus.  We had been to Positano and Capri in the past, but this was our first stay in Amalfi.  The hotel itself is actually between Positano and Amalfi, about a 10 minute drive from the Port of Amalfi.  It is perched a top a hill, which ensures spectacular views.  The monastery itself dates back to the 17th century, and was originally transformed into a hotel in 1924.  The current owner, a Texan named Bianca Sharma,  bought the property in the early 2000’s and spent years painstakingly turning it into the masterpiece it currently is.  The hotel opened for business in 2012.  There are just 20 rooms, and every detail has been attended to.

When you pull up, one of the staff comes out and rings the bell atop the Monastery.  you are led to a small alcove and given lemonade and a chance to admire the stunning view before you are set to the details of checking in.

We were led on a tour by the fellow who checked us in.  He gave us insight into the hotel’s history and showed us all the magnificent spaces.  When we finally got to the room we were already hooked.  The room was just perfect, and very spacious.

As the rooms have been converted from their original use, they tend to be on the small size.  Since we were staying 4 nights we were in need of something a bit larger, so we enjoyed the Rosa Suite.


This is a spectacular two level accommodation- I believe the largest in the hotel.








We didn’t arrive at the hotel until darkness had fallen, so we weren’t able to get a real look at the grounds.  We arranged with the desk for a car down to Amalfi where we had booked an 8:00 dinner reservation at the Marina Grande .


The hotel provides complimentary shuttles to and from Amalfi as long as you give them 45 minutes notice.  We made sure to request a table on the terrace to be able to experience the sound of the Sea.  The food, service, and presentation were very good.  Not extraordinary, but a good welcome to Amalfi.


The Monastero Sant Rosa has a Michelin starred dining room, which we were saving for our last night.  After a leisurely bottle of wine and tasty dinner, we were picked up and driven back to the hotel  We were quickly asleep, looking forward to exploring the hotel in the morning.

My husband woke up early to use the small (but perfect) open air gym.  He came back and woke me to say that the grounds, and views  were absolutely spectacular.


The Infinity pool is justifiably the most Instagrammed pool in Amalfi, as well it should be.  Its unreal!


But adding to that is the fact that every possible space is cared for and cultivated to be a pocket of perfection.  Its hard to describe, pictures do a much better job.  Every spot you happen upon is even more perfect than the last.




We explored a bit, and then made our way to breakfast, whose setting did not disappoint.  The views over the sea were stunning, and the breakfast service was beautifully presented (I love their dishes).  Each morning we were presented with mini sfogliatella, which are pastries that were actually invented at the Monastero hundreds of years ago!. Those along with fresh plums from the property added a perfect touch.






The Spa at the Hotel is beyond compare.  There are five separate thermal experiences- saunas, steam showers, a heated jacuzzi, a foot bath- are are beautiful and so relaxing.  Truly outstanding!


We were able to book a simultaneous couples body scrub and massage- and the massage room is just state of the art and so impressive.  Really, I can’t say enough.




We saved one day (our last day)  to sit by the pool and completely relax, and it was probably the best day of the trip.  They have large sun beds to share looking over the sea which were super comfortable.

IMG_7594.jpg  We both ordered Club Sandwiches (one chicken, one lobster) to enjoy al fresco.  Perfection!




That evening we also had a special dinner planned by Chef Bob.  We met with him over drinks to discuss the menu.  As an aside, I have to mention it was  the most perfect bar, and bartender ever.  He also produced the largest and most delicious Aperol Spritz I have ever had.


Dinner was served to us outside in our own little corner of the Terrace, complete with heaters and a blanket because it was a bit chilly.  The food and service was delicious.


There were many honeymooners at the Hotel, and I can see why.  It is totally romantic. We were so sad to leave.  As a parting touch the staff came out and rang the bell to signal our departure.  I hope we will return sooner rather than later!.



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