24 Hours in Milan


When we landed in Milan we knew we needed to make the most of the short time we had in one of our favorite cities.  Milan used to have the reputation of being the least exciting big city in Italy, but in the past 10 years or so has really made quite a resurgence stylistically and as a shopping mecca.  It is a beautiful city to walk around, and the Duomo in particular is outstanding.

We always stay at the Palazzo Parigi  (palazzoparigi.com) , which we love.


It is in a residential area, easily walkable to the city center.  It is a renovated Palazzo- gorgeous, sophisticated, and so Italian.  There is a lovely garden where you can dine or have a drink if the weather cooperates.  The staff are friendly as can be, and the rates are very reasonable, especially when you get the upgrades and amenities of booking though a Virtuoso travel specialist.

Even before we went up to the room, we grabbed a quick snack and Spritz in the bar area.




We needed a little refreshment!  Happily sated, we went up to a very lovely suite with a terrace overlooking the city.  The weather was outstanding, so it was a treat.  The room was beautifully decorated, and spotlessly clean.

IMG_7230 2.jpg






We decided to shut our eyes for an hour or so before we headed out to our favorite Milan dinner spot- Da Giacomo (giacomoristorante.com ). IMG_7240.jpg

Da Giacomo appears as though it has inhabited the space it is in for one hundred years; it is so perfect in every way, but it is not that old.  It is the brain child of two very talented architects who wanted it to appear that way.


The space itself is fabulous, as is the food.  The waiters are attentive, but never overbearing.  It is definitely a hot spot, but in an understated way.  You absolutely do not hear english spoken at every table, it seems as though it is actually predominantly locals dining there (except maybe during Fashion Week).

The menu is very seafood-centric, and the display as you enter the restaurant sets your cravings in motion.


The fish is incredibly fresh, and beautifully prepared.  There is also a large dessert cart always in view which further seems to get your stomach rumbling.  The wine, food, scene and atmosphere are all top notch.  We never come to town without stopping in.

We retired to bed full and happy, and ready to do a whirl-wind shopping excursion in the morning before our flight to Naples.

We needed a little sustenance before we set out, so we delighted ourselves with the hotel’s abundant and beautifully presented breakfast buffet.


We dined in the glassed in conservatory, feeling as though we were miles away from the center of the city.  We then headed out to catch a glimpse of the Duomo. We thought we would miss some of the crowds, but other people had the same idea.


It was a gorgeous morning and it was in its full glory.  We took a detour through the Galleria, the spectacular shopping arcade,


and then on to shopping mecca-  the Quadrilatero d’Oro where every fabulous designer label  can be found.  We wove in and out of the stores soaking up Italian design.  Alas, after a bit of shopping, it was time to head back tot he hotel to check out and make our way to our next destination, Amalfi.


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