A quick (Extraordinary) trip to Cabo

Last month we were lucky to take a wildly indulgent and extraordinary trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Six of us traveled from Montana to Cabo for a long weekend of fun, and did it in an over the top fashion.  Over the summer we had “won” the weekend in a charity auction, and the proceeds of our donation benefitted a truly wonderful organization, Family Reach .  Their mission is to give a financial lifeline to families dealing with cancer, so while the trip was extravagant, we felt good about having helped the cause in a significant way.

The journey started on a Thursday morning, and we happily left the snow and boarded a fabulous jet bound for Sun.


Private air travel is a total treat.  In case you think the breakfast was too austere, inside the cardboard box were a dozen super greasy and delicious donuts from Granny’s in Bozeman.


In three short hours we arrived in paradise.


I think even the plane appreciated the warm sun!


We quickly cleared customs and were on our way to El Dorado  .  El Dorado is a spectacular Golf & Beach development situated in  what is arguably the best spot in Cabo.  The coastline is stunning, and the golf course magnificent.

Our “beach house” for the weekend was breath taking. Although we were just six, the house had room for many more.  We spent a short while exploring our temporary digs.


The two story great room was dramatic,  light and bright.


Our master suite was cozy and welcoming.


There was no danger of running out of Casa Amigos Tequila!


The inside/outside floor plan took advantage of the perfect 75 degree sunny weather.




After unpacking and getting changed, our first order of business was lunch.  We got in to our golf carts and headed to an outside Taco Bar on property.  we passed the golf course along the way, which 5 out of 6  (not me) of us were excited about .

The flora was so gorgeous
Golfer’s delight

The outdoor restaurant couldn’t have been more atmospheric.


Margarita Time!

What better to accompany margaritas but guacamole, salsa and chicharrones.


After a lovely lunch the crew went off to play golf, and I went back to the house and settled in with a good book. I was in heaven.




Upon further exploration I discovered the house also had a water slide which led to a secluded grotto area complete with a massive television screen and  bar.


Its hard to come up with the proper adjectives.  Lets just say Fabulous.


After what seemed like a moment, the crew was back, and everyone showered and readied for cocktails and dinner.  At every opportunity our terrific staff was ready with more guac.  There is clearly no such thing as too much.


Aside from the prerequisite Tequila, we also had a celebratory bottle of Champagne.


During the drinks hour we discovered the fully stocked freezer, in anticipation of  a late night snack!


Dinner was enjoyed at the more formal restaurant on property.  It is situated next to the Sea of Cortez and features both indoor and outdoor dining spaces.  It was delicious.

In the morning we took a long walk on the beach.  It was quite deserted, and just about perfect.  IMG_4510.jpg


We made it back to the house for strong coffee and sweet fruit.


We were offered a look at the behind the scenes kitchen, which I have to say was my favorite part of the whole house.  The chef was ready to provide anything our hearts and stomachs desired!


We kept breakfast simple with some avocado toast, but we planned on putting him to the test for a special dinner on the last night.


Breakfast outside was a tad it chilly, so we made good use of the outdoor fireplace.


Golf was on the agenda again for the group, which meant more reading time for me!


I had settled in to a pretty good routine.


We had an amazing taco lunch back at the house, and then spent some good time in the pool and exploring the beach.  The Sea is too rough to swim in, but we enjoyed walking alongside it.

For dinner we went to a related property just down the road, Chileno Bay .  It was lovely, but quite a bit bigger than El Dorado.  We were happy to return home at the end of the evening.


The next day was filled with more of the same.  We had quickly fallen in to a very happy routine.  This being the last day though, we were shaking it up a bit with a boat ride to hopefully spot some whales and Manta rays, and enjoy the sunset.  At 3:30 we headed over to the Marina in order to board the boat.


It was a large boat, and there were other folks from El Dorado on it as well.


There was no shortage of drinks (not always the best idea on a boat) and tons of snacks, including…..more Guac!


There were some college-age boys  on board that probably should have been cut off at drink number 4, just saying!


We did spot some whales in the distance, and saw some Manta rays jumping out of the water, but the highlight was the sunset.


When we got home the chef had created an outstanding Italian inspired meal for us.  It was so scrumptious that there was no time to photograph it.


This really was a fabulous trip, truly over the top.  We felt so fortunate to have visited.  The flight back to Montana the next day was just as pleasurable, helped along by the all time best airplane treat, peanut m&m’s.


And just like that…. snow!



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