Hudson Yards is Happening

It’s not often that jaded New Yorker’s get so excited about anything, but the recent opening of Hudson Yards in Manhattan has gotten everyone as excited as a little kid a Disney World.

Last weekend we were heading into NY for dinner (at Hanjan– seriously good Korean food) , but as it was such a glorious day we decided to go in a bit early and see what all the buzz was about.  We drove in along the West Side Highway and were dropped off at an entrance along 30th Street.  The streets were literally teeming with people.  The Highline leads right there as well which is a huge plus.  Not only were there massive throngs of people heading to Hudson Yards, but everyone was Happy! And Excited! And Curious! Honestly, it was refreshing to see so many smiling faces.

The first thing we happened upon was The Vessel.  The Vessel was mocked before the opening as being a massive waste of space and stairway to nowhere.  It was jokingly called the Big Shwarma or Gyro, I thought it resembled a pinecone- but that being said, people were flocking to it.  To enter it and climb the stairs one has to purchase a ticket.  Needless to say the tickets were completely sold out.  It certainly affords gorgeous views when one gets to the top.  I think critics aside, its a hit.

IMG_4771.jpgAfter the photo op, we were swept along with the crowd into the multi-level shopping/dining/entertainment complex.


Once we were truly in, we happened upon a very large Citarella, where people were actually doing their marketing, and all the tables outside were occupied.  Just keeping in mind, we arrived there at about 5:30 pm.


There are all kinds of unique concept shops, including The Drugstore which is not staffed, it is an honor system, and you check yourself out on an ipad.  Practically everything has been designed to make it an Instagrammable experience.  There were millennials (as well as older folks!) literally taking selfies along every inch of the place.


The Shops at Hudson Yards is spread out over 7 floors, and whoever designed it did a fabulous job in ensuring that you are led to explore every inch.  There seems to a surprise in every corner.  Kith Treats , a lifestyle brand and snack shop  with a cult following is located alongside the Snark Park, a sort of gallery with a rotating selection of installations.  A ticket is needed here as well- sold out when we tried to visit.


The assortment of curated food shops is so well chosen, including Fuku, featuring heavenly Fried Chicken.  The line snaked out of the restaurant (on the right side of the picture).IMG_4780.jpg

This is one spot I would like to return to.


Another one of my favorites,  William Greenberg Desserts, has an outpost.


The list goes on and on…


Van Leeuwen Ice Cream


Li-Lac Chocolates , delectable!  Interspersed with tempting food, there are art installations (all swarmed by selfie taking art lovers), actual restaurants, and the gamut of retail

One of my favorites

I was anxious to check out the Neiman Marcus as well as the fashion forward mini chain Forty Five Ten.


Neiman Marcus was filled with shoppers (and lookers), and the experience was enhanced by Whiskey Tasting,


and even Skee Ball!

One spot we had anticipated checking out was unfortunately closed,  David Chang’s Peach Mart  , his interpretation of an Asian convenience store.


I think we covered a lot of ground in the 75 minutes we had before dinner, and we most certainly will be back.  As we left we walked through the very upbeat and boisterous Mercado Little Spain which very much tempted us to stay.  It is José Andrés’ magical creation of all the fabulous aspects of Spanish food and drink under one roof.  It is like Eataly, but happier.


Non-stop slicing of Jamón Ibérico!


I hope this gave you a taste of the magic of Hudson Yards.  We will absolutely return for further investigation- we need much more time to shop, and eat, and get tickets for The Vessel.




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